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He can do anything, it would seem. Talk about disassociating with reality! There are many more institutions that would be in dire straits if he, Trump, were to have a 2nd term as US President, but, if his reign ends before that, the upheaval can be viewed as a wake-up call, for those who revere their lasting institutions; a time to examine the institutions weaknesses and their effectiveness. I feel certain the United States is being renovated rather than decimated, but it is hard to tell in the eye of the beholder.

Has anyone looked at Andrew Yang? He is not just addressing issues that we are currently facing but is looking into the future of the problems that are right around the corner. I must admit I like the fact that he is taking that tool right out of the republican playbook! He is young, intelligent and very personable.. If anyone is interested.. By: Elizabeth on May 27th, at pm. Strong, awesome and unforgettable words. They capture this moment in history.

Elizabeth, I love Andrew Yang. He gives me hope in the future. But I get over it. The whole idea makes me ill. It would attract far-right wing extremists and violent white supremists. Just the thought is so abhorent! By: Sharon K on May 28th, at am. He is the Great Destroyer. Nancy, You should add your latest comment to the Guardian Discussion.. Finally the people, we are putting our heads together. Denial is strong and the denial regarding realities such as global warming and mixed marriages is super strong in some people who are terrified of any concept outside their own comfort zone.

So terrified that they would band together in their one little state, no doubt with a border wall, with riflemen stationed all around. The idea that any view not their own could be equally valid is anathema to them. Fear is very hard to overcome as every animal knows, but there is hope for the human animal, especially in this era of expanding consciousness.

I sympathize with fearful people, up to a point, but these people are afraid of taking one step outside of their rigid boundaries, and on some level — much higher than mine — should be pitied. I expect we will see and hear about other extreme notions underground nations comes to mind to escape the reality of a changing world. About those many Dem candidates Sharon; Rachel Maddow has put together a program of highlights from her interviews with many of them, back to back, giving us an opportunity to review their strengths and persuasions.

We the People are being given the opportunity to know something about the people who will makeup our new government, well before they are assigned their new positions. Make America Think Harder! I love it! Only time will tell. It is pre-owned! I think Bernie had to use the DS phrase in to emphasize he was not a Communist, to cut through the age old right wing propaganda equating socialism with totalitarian communism.

And so it goes. It is simultaneously hilarious and sad. The average person is so philosophically, politically, and economically, ignorant, we have to sell political remedies medicines like Mary Poppins. Granted, we need far more funds for both, but a population that knows the basics of philosophy, logic, deductive reasoning, the scientific method, literature, history, and the social sciences is far less likely to elect a Donald Trump of the Left or of the Right.

Barb, most people are afraid of something. There are those who are hurt, bitter and looking for acceptance. Not only that, they have a free ticket into Heaven — what could be better? When they justify their narrow mindedness and support it with violence, I find that very chilling and irrational — a collective mental illness. I think what Rachel is doing is a good idea. I agree that these people and their ideas will become known. I will support the one who I feel is the most electable as well as the final party candidate.

Andre — I am happy to have you quote me. I think it is crucial for people to connect the dots of what is happening. They are all based in delusional thinking. His ego is so fragile it cannot tolerate anything that opposes it, and it will support anyone who praises him Kim Jong Un and Putin no matter how abysmal they may be.

We discuss the details but it is the psychosis that underlies it all!!! He gives me hope too! I wonder about it often. Your so welcome! His entire book is online to read for free as well as his audio book is on YouTube, narrated by him. Here is that link.. I am sending it to everyone who I have ever talked to about politics and who I think may be open to his ideas including my very conservative brother who is very impressed with him..

I can tell you that he has qualified for the debates.. I am really curious and excited to see how that goes.. I think he has the potential to be that candidate that strike lightening after the debates and really starts gaining more traction in the polls from there.. Sadly, there is such little interest in learning the differences in these terms by the masses, the right gets to beat him over the head with it all day long anyway.

I will say that even with that game plan from the right, I think they miscalculate how the bottom half in age 45 and younger perceive the word, socialism.. Not that younger generations have been particularly reliable voters, but it may be more significant this cycle than people realize. Fortunately, the younger generations have access to infinite sources of learning at their fingertips and from what I can see, they intend on using it! By: Elizabeth on May 28th, at pm.

Indeed Nancy, it IS the psychosis that underlies it all. Recognizing that will be the breakthrough we the Nation , as a whole, need to deal with our own illusions. Thank goodness for astrology. You are right. But I believe the phenomenon is as old as human religion. It is a form of superstition I think based in part in the belief in wrathful deities, be they singular or plural. They therefore justify violence to keep everyone in line for the supposed good of the community. In a sense denial is the head of the beast.

That dragon threatens us, preventing action on climate change, as well as with its fiery nuclear breath. As far as this crowd is concerned, the rest of us can go literally to Hell. That is their expectation, for some conscious, for others unconscious, but underlies much of their political behavior. The tail of the Dragon manifests in states passing the recent draconian anti-abortion laws, in racial and ethnic paranoia as was the case in the march at Charlottesville, and sadly in sporadic violence against imagined enemies.

But killing it off completely may be a long slow process. More thoughts on this later. Thank you and I have long thought the millennials were the new hippies.. They are very savvy with technology and are prepared to take on the power that has had them grow up in fear in their classrooms NRA as well as fear for their literal futures due to climate change fossil fuel industry.. And your very welcome.. You will be feeling hopeful after you listen as well.. I promise! She was brilliant, and a nice person too.

I may not agree percent with all her positions, but I can vouch percent for her good faith. Does anyone have any ideas about what the stock market will possibly be doing for the next couple of years? Is this a good time to be OUT of the market? Hey, I have listened to a couple interviews with Andrew Yang before he got popular, not that he is that popular yet but glad to see the interest here.

Oh, and I thought Kamala was great tonight! Lilith-Mercury aspects may be associated with the dark side of the mind, of the hidden influences that shape the mental processes. Whether Trump is crazy or shrewd is a debatable issue, but when this Lilith-Mercury link is activated, the question may pop up.

I appreciate the ideas articulated in the posts by Eliseo, and also Elizabeth! My apologies to both Eliseo, and Elizabeth, for my inadvertent misattribution. Dean W. Our attention spans began to diminish with the advent of television. These other addictive technologies continue the process. I see it in my college students. These technologies also make teaching far more difficult. My past experience doing drama, radio comedy, and radio news has served me well in communicating ideas to students.

And that is a serious problem in teaching nowadays. Most professors and public school teachers are not trained in theater arts, but have to compete with Hollywood to maintain the attention of our distracted students. To your point of pregnancy.. By: Elizabeth on May 29th, at am. The conclusions made by the special council team tread a fine line and he most likely was anxious because he wanted to get it right.

My take on it…. What I got from what he said was: -He made wanted to emphasize what the Russians did to influence our election and who helped i. I also read that in a new book by Wolf? By: Sharon K on May 29th, at pm. Consequently she is patiently holding off at least until Mueller testifies before congress. One would then expect for all hell to break loose. Democrats will lead the charge in calls for impeachment. The question is, when will Mueller testify? Note mid June June 17 — 18 has tr.

Pelosi needs to be cautious as shown by Saturn transiting her Venus, Jupiter and Uranus. I think she needs to come out strongly on protecting our democracy from Russian sabotage and call for the House to draw up legislation to send to Senate and call for enough votes to over ride a potential Trump veto. I thought he looked either nervous or scared, and he seemed to not want to look anyone in the eye, keeping his head mostly down, which seemed odd to me.

Look at this compilation by Politico. Then I thought — he may be accusing the President of the United States of impeachable offenses, maybe the gravity of the moment got to him. Maybe it was that he really wanted to get it right or that he was trying to convey a message between the lines and hoped people got it. It just seemed really odd to me, him seeming either nervous or afraid. This pattern ruthlessly continues until at least January 12th, , when Saturn and Pluto stop flirting and finally hook up.

The second pattern is the second of three squares a challenging aspect between Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively. I already wrote it all down for you. That his job is done. He investigates, lays out evidence. Nancy Pelosi, of course, knows a lot more. Despite Department of Justice policy to the contrary, no one is above the law — not even the President. The Congress holds sacred its constitutional responsibility to investigate and hold the President accountable for his abuse of power. The American people must have the truth.

We call upon the Senate to pass H. You are a good soul ja; thanks for the link to Ralphee. I especially appreciated her use of cycles to base the transits upon. Right off the bat you know that some things about the female nature are going to be suppressed since the patriarchy determined early on that a female could be either an obedient wife, mother, sister or daughter. The idea that a woman was equal to a man was incomprehensible, therefore any such claim to equality coming from a female had to be classified as evil thinking or behavior and so the symbol of Lilith took on that persona.

Lilith is best known for her disobedience. Kamala, along with the other women candidates, are acting out those long-suppressed elements of the Feminine Mystique that first became noticeable right after WW2. Now, after 75 years, this is what has been unleashed: Kamala Harris in all her glory! And where are we USA in history? I think Pelosi and others persuaded Mueller to come forward to change the dynamics of Impeachment and set a spark to it.

Get the ball rolling. It is just a matter of time, now. Pelosi is working behind the scenes. She is smarter than I thought. She does not intend to lose. Here is a suggested Table of Contents. Chapter 5: Conclusion — Trump has likely done many illegal things and obstructed the investigation into these things. The only way to address all of the corruption and obstruction that has occurred is to impeach Trump.

Punted to Congress. Just waiting for June 2 to come, for them to start impeachment. It would be just like Nancy said.

Make it super simple. Im so glad Mueller spoke — I think I detected an ever so slight tremble in his soft voice — I hope it is not an early symptom of some disease …. This just goes to show how cycles work with other cycles and how they are woven together by transits in the Now. It fascinates me to no end. Michael Moore On Mueller! Transiting Uranus opposed that historic conjunction a decade later. That was the birth of the modern world with the US right in the middle of it.

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Of course, if that major conjunction is still effective, so are other important aspects between the outer planets, particularly the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the Sixties, the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of the Nineties and the recent Uranus-Pluto square of the s. As far as Neptune and Pluto, we are now benefiting from their sextile which has gone on for several decades since World War II. That may well be when we had it good. This sextile will continue to produce effects for another decade or two.

After that, we run into, as I have already mentioned, the Uranus-Pluto opposition and the Neptune-Pluto square, which, I hate to say it, could be even more destabilizing in some ways that what we are living now. It could also be a time of profound empowerment and liberation for very many in unprecedented ways. Once in a while, it is good to take the long view and to consider that the Putin-selected Con Don will also pass. What if? I did feel though that these older guys are just a different breed and he came across as slightly weak, I just wish someone would speak up.

I kind of agree with whomever said that I think Ari Melber said that its bringing a plus page to a twitter fight. WE will see how this plays out , I still think he should testify and I get it , but I think its his duty too. Nancy may have noted this already or maybe Bob did but just in case, it looks like Trump gets a double whammy to his Uranus trine Jupiter next month. Both of his trining planets Jupiter and Uranus will be under duress and not able to help each other. Not sure what that could mean but it looks annoying.

Hey Andre, I should learn to refresh this site before I start typing away so as not to miss recent comments like yours. Every once in a while I come down to Earth to examine the details but so often they just confuse me. Yes, all those cycles involving the outer planets are still in play and it helps to go back and look at their original conjunctions to understand what their intentions were. When will we ever learn? Well, hopefully with what you say and also Nancy, hopefully this is the start of the June not being good for Trump!

I did consider whether it might be due in part to suppressed, or very controlled, rage or frustration. And he knows only too well that his every word and action matter greatly now, for the sake of the nation. He was the investigating attorney. His office convened and ran a Grand Jury. He did his part-manfully with Honor and Integrity. Now we have to do ours by voting Trump out. His obvious reluctance must have been overcome by something. Might trumps disgraceful performance abroad have played a motivation factor? Or is there something else brewing beneath the surface?

Were you born to be a star? What your birth sign says about your route to fame and fortune

I now believe his natal Leo Sun is in the natal 12th house of his birth chart and he has Virgo rising. I believe he has a Taurus MC with transiting Sedna thrown overboard conjunct it. I wonder if Nancy has somehow taken advice from an astro person and is waiting for donnys very bad aspects to effectively maximize the thumping she has planned? Wonder what the stars are for that, oh please help them bring in good change. Trump told reporters as he departed the White House for Colorado Springs.

The original comment, a clause in one of several Twitter posts this morning, is an extraordinary admission from Mr. Trump, who has avoided saying publicly that Russia helped him win the presidency in through its election interference. American intelligence agencies and federal prosecutors have long concluded that Russia tried to influence voters. Neptune and square the Trump Uranus — is disintegrating what little grasp on reality that the man has held.

In June transiting Neptune will station retrograde, remaining square the Trump natal Uranus through next February. During June, around his birthday, trans. Mercury and Mars and the North Node in Cancer will trine transiting Neptune which will be sextile trans. Saturn while they simultaneously oppose trans. Then there is transiting Jupiter too much in Sagittarius open mouth, insert foot opposite his natal Uranus freedom in Gemini of speech to contend with as well.

Well, our Democratic Louisiana Gov signed the abortion ban upon hearing a fetal heartbeat bill. He said that it got bipartisan support in the legislature. I am not completely surprised as this is the South and he wants to keep his job and continue doing what good he can.

He is thinking that if everyone who hates Trump finds a way to vote for Weld in the Republican primaries which means in some states, changing parties for a short while , we can make Weld the candidate instead of Trump. I was impressed by his ingenuity but am not doing anything along that line quite yet. By: Sharon K on May 30th, at pm. Hi Sharon, since you asked, my2c: It feels to me that the spiritual lesson for this age and going forward requires truth and authenticity from all, if we are to survive.

I think in many instances hes very capable, though I am uncomfortable with some of his positions. But I feel those who were to vote simply to out-game trump only, as if it were a strategic game, intuitively, I feel something would backfire. Pure political gamesmanship rather than authenticity and truth is why we are where we are. This is what the dems must learn also. I know this will go into moderation and will probably be lost in the thread, but I wanted to respond to Alaska and Elisio.

Learning Curve on the Ecliptic: Saturday and Sundry Thoughts: Bernie Sanders' Astrology &

Alaska, Ray Merriman is a financial astrologer who is an interesting read. I read his weekly from time to time. But keep in mind he is biased. One needs to glean their bias if possible and take that into account. Elisio, re teaching and attention spans etc — we are in the midst of changing ages from P to Aquarius.

Younger people are not exhibiting a loss only, but are moving to a new kind of human communication and learning. It only feels like a loss to us oldsters who actually realize what is being lost. Please learn from them. Your entertainment skills will help. And with that impart to them your wisdom condensed from an entire age.

It will be a gift to humanity. If so, is the internet directly responsible for the rise of Trump, and his white-nationalist agenda; or, are there other factors as influential? Sadly true; his behavior is mortifying for our nation. Its like a really bad dream I want so badly to end. He works with many of them every day. No simple answer, lots of nuance. The internet has just made it easier for the fearful to connect.

It has also been the prime source to fill their void, providing comfort at some level for those that feel they are in a scary unfriendly world. In other words, I think the internet is the vehicle, not the root cause. I believe the internet is one of two major agents that in themselves are not causative, but are greatly supportive.

Both are highly addictive but create those addictions differently. The internet addicts more through our curiosity. Fox and the hate radio jocks addict us more through emotion. There are several factors. One of the prime fallacies of our times is to look for a single cause of something. I think Kiwi is mostly on the right track with her answer, but I would focus on two things in particular she mentioned.

Be aware we mostly lived in extended families for thousands of years if not ALL of human prehistory and history. During those thousands of years we met our basic adult emotional needs through all of the several adults in the family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, the alloparents plus the biological parents all worked together to raise and socialize the children. The system also allowed for couples to have more intimate time together to converse, make love, make plans, and nurture one another as there was always another adult available who could watch the kids for a while.

Anthropological and sociological studies have consistently shown children raised in families with several adults are happier and more successful. Relative to the time scale of humanity, the transition to the nuclear family has been extremely sudden. In the US it worked Ok for a while, but not as well as the extended family system. As the decades progressed the time available to properly raise children has decreased.

If a child is lucky enough to have parents who are not divorced, both of those parents are likely working full time, maybe even two jobs each. Other children? The problem here is many of our children grow up like orphans, with no sense of belonging. Some of them join gangs to have that sense of belonging. Many as adults attach themselves to causes, ideologies, or drugs, etc. In any case, they often do not make good parents, creating dysfunctional families which in turn do likewise. B Kiwi also mentioned globalization.

Globalization and her handmaiden automation have made our economies more efficient, but also colder, less emotionally satisfying. The grocery chains are colluding to replace all checkers with automation within the next 5 years. We interact with fewer and fewer people when we are shopping or doing business. We are emotionally starving. We are vulnerable. We therefore attempt to fill the hole within our souls with substance and process addictions, be they chemical or electronic. And many, many of us use the internet to fill those gaps.

Saturn or Kronos in Mythology

The U. Navy was founded on Oct. Its Pluto is at 24 Capricorn, so it is at the threshold of experiencing its Pluto Return, which will be exact in March of next year. I suspect we are just starting to see the tip of the iceberg regarding the corruption evident within the U. And that allegation deserves the attention of every American. Thank you. Thank you for being here today. By: ja on May 31st, at am. BuckeyeShadow, with those Pluto returns, it is clear any military adventure this year or next by Trump would bring disaster for the Army and the Navy.

Moreover, I wonder if we will see some event that challenges the deep, seemingly bottomless reservoir of social capital and faith that many Americans have stowed in the U. The loss of honor that accompanies any decision to kowtow to the whims and insecurities of a buffoon for an office occupier like Trump indeed does not bode well for its readiness in future conflicts.

We could see them sustaining a humiliating defeat in Iran, or even against Chinese naval forces. Transiting Saturn is also conjunct Pluto, which was near the IC roots of the approx chart for shooting. Saturn, Pluto and South Node in Cap.


This a grand trine that becomes a Kite formation. No details yet but — long range — I get a sense of it being a kind of penetrating message Virginia natal Mercury regarding management or government building was government use because trans. Possibly about money Saturn trine Venus. Neptune loss of sanity is sextile Saturn materialize and Venus but also square Jupiter mass shooting in Sagittarius. I am not making light of this tragedy but trying to determine if it has a larger impact on our country beyond the obvious.

Sorry, I incorrectly wrote trans. We are vulnerable…. What do you think? A series of Supreme Court decisions beginning in have come to gradually define corporations as legal persons, a position hailed by folks such as Mr. Romney but decried by most of the rest of us. Some would like to see legal personhood extended to certain ultra-intelligent animals. What about elephants? There is also the possible future issue of personhood if artificial intelligence becomes viewed as conscious in any sense.

Personally, I believe consciousness is directly related to biology, that a fully self conscious entity such as Data of Star Trek, TNG, or of Robin Williams character in the film Bicentennial Man is probably impossible. Eliseo, maybe you can give me a few pointers on how to be a better proofreader; your posts are always grammatically pristine! So recent results not altogether surprising….. It makes me wonder which Democratic contender for the Presidency is going to pick up this Virginia mass shooting and run with it.

It is destiny that we overcome this retched national flaw or disintegrate as a failure in self-governing. This is a potent powerful grand trine my fellow Starlight News readers. This mass shooting on May 31, , in Virginia Beach, VA, might be that small cause that brings about the big effect. Were I to do that, it would not be now.

That will be some time this summer, likely late June or July. One of my several professions in the past was that of actor, and folks tend to get pretty excited when I perform those poems. If you are near, you are certainly invited to attend. As far as your grammar goes, no matter how well or how poorly one writes, one can always improve. Some of those students use Grammarly. Another tip would be to write your posting in word, and edit and re-edit it before you copy it into the response rectangle provided. By: Elizabeth on June 1st, at am. Eliseo, legal personhood has been extended to rivers in some countries.

Some say it should be given to the planet itself or to humankind. The notion of crimes against humanity is a forerunner. We understand you perfectly. I check my posts more than once before I send them, but I still make errors. Like Andre, I also double check for errors in my own comments before hitting the submit button, yet they still get through! I will look him up from time to time. On another note, Obama was in Ottawa last night. He delivered a message of hope in these trying times.

He says he has a love affair with Canada. He reminded his listeners that there always have been dark or troubled times in history before a step forward. Indeed, they are what makes that step forward inevitable. In the 20th century alone, there were two world wars, the Depression and the Holocaust. The human race has survived these calamities and prospered despite, and because of, great individual suffering. The Fraudulent President is just a blip, although admittedly a huge one. He is very likely the last President for a dying breed.

Obama, in my view, still has not given his full measure of greatness. He has been underused even after two terms as President. I believe the Great President of will have him named Secretary-General of the UN in a time of awesome and phenomenal world change. That may also be the time the Secretary-General will become at least as important as the President of the United States. Obama will once again inspire the world. What a beautiful uplifting thought, Andre.

I remember Eliseo saying similar things about President Obama, a healthy, balanced, inspiring human being who worked hard at staying that way. So sad that the people of our country could not see through Donald Trump. I have been participating in local news threads on FB that seem to draw Trump supporters and I have learned something. There were lots of factors, mostly economic and poor money management, and too much power in the hands of the wealthy and too little education of the people as to how to participate it takes leadership and training. Most of it is based on words that have inspired certain, mostly-white people.

However, I think there is something to be gleaned from it. About the internet — what everyone said is true. It amplifies communication and is the most widespread form of mass comm there is. There are now more influence mongers and whomever speaks the loudest, is the rudest which some equate with honesty , makes the most sense, feeds confirmation bias, etc. The sign senses that the universe is just waiting for it, ready to reward it just for exploring it.

While this keeps its awareness looking forwards with optimism it can become too idealistic and lead to disillusionment and it can deprive us of contentment by keeping us forever searching for something better than what we presently experience. Fear of missing out is huge in this sign. Idealism can cloud clear judgment as the archer becomes fixated on the target and loses sight of the arrow, the journey of the expanding spirit.

The thrill of taking a risk, of having an adventure that potentially promises romanticized and life changing events, can easily become an addiction that leads to many kinds of personal disaster. This is not the truth. What feels right to Sagittarius may first of all not be right for someone else. None of these things may be what is actually right for us in the specifics of the moment and situation. In seeking the big picture and looking for the next great adventure the sign can end up firing off arrows in every direction , hoping to hit a target that will show it which way to charge next, restlessly moving from one zone to the next.

The focus on the big picture reveals many general truths but leaves the sign blinded to details and continually moving on, questing for something unnameable. The quest for what life means in all its forms can become an all-consuming larvae that never leaves the soul satisfied with its internal answers. Dark paths open when Sagittarius is overly trusting in its ideals and does not acknowledge how fragile life is or how quickly it can be extinguished.

Many a Sagittarius has wrecked itself in tragedy this way, galloping into dooms it will not acknowledge. Often the Sagittarius in us needs to work on a tendency to focus too much on the future and to rush toward it, a habit of making broad and meaningless generalizations and taking risks with potentially big payoffs as well as blowouts, and a need for life to always be an adventure. It can expect too much at a personal level and become disillusioned when situations and people do not show the promise that was expected.

The sign is crushingly disappointed when bloated expectations fall flat. The sign has such trust in life being essentially meaningful and rewarding that it can walk blindly into great danger. Generalities and exaggerations are the Sagittarius way, as this sign expresses the expansive and inclusive nature of Jupiter through broad philosophical perspectives which seek to include as much as possible in their viewpoint. There is no better promoter than Sagittarius — it is a sign able to exaggerate the importance of anything and enthuse over the smallest matter, often to its own advantage.

In other words, it is an unconscious form of honesty and truthfulness. This is the unconscious truthfulness of Sagittarius giving voice to what others are thinking but are not coming out with, an arrow loosed upon the target no-one is acknowledging. They can think all kinds of things about themselves which are simply not true as a result of this weird twist of character. The lesson is often to think before opening the mouth to speak. In its more sinister guise Sagittarius is fully capable of twisting the mutable Fire of truth to suit whatever moral position it wishes to take over others , justifying its behaviour by elastically stretching the definition of things and intentionally making its statements broad enough to cover any lie.

It can dismiss real and pressing darkness with platitudes. Its stampede is akin to that of Taurus, a trampling attack that grinds bones into the earth, but unlike the docile Taurus the temper of Sagittarius ignites like wildfire after a drought so that it is far more often rushing to conclusions and acting before giving any reasonable thought to the circumstances.

Hedonism can also consume Sagittarius, especially when combined with a strong streak of daredevilry and a love of gambling and risk-taking. Powerful transformative influences have recently been active in this sign. Sagittarius opened to Pluto in This energy initiated sweeping and forced transformations in the lives of those resonating strongly with Sagittarius and also Gemini, Virgo and Pisces.

Such changes may not be easy for the individual to cope with or accept, since they will often involve a powerful confrontation with forces which seem obsessive, intense, oppressive or disturbing; Pluto uproots all that is hidden below the surface and brings it up for transformation. The effects and nature of this transformation depend in large part on the points that are found in Sagittarius in your chart.

It is a time of rebirth, of being consumed in Phoenix Fire, in order to strip away the outer flesh, expose the inner core being, and experience self renewal. Even though Pluto left Sagittarius in and is now in Capricorn it will take many years possibly an entire life or longer before an individual can even integrate let alone fully understand the changes they go through under Pluto.

The star lore of Sagittarius lends the zodiac sign the powers of swiftness, spontaneous intuition guided by reason, protection and guidance during long journeys, martial prowess, success in hunting, influence over universities and the broadening of the mind through philosophy and the acquisition of knowledge. To a centaur knowing the Self is the key to understanding the nature of the Universe, and this is why they are so eager to explore and learn more, to keep their eyes on the horizon.

They believe that whatever ideal they seek is out there and because they believe it is so, but whether the arrow will stay the course to hit the bullseye is another matter. The will needs to be properly focused and the right amount of force applied to a concentrated effort. From the karmic perspective of a soul, Sagittarius can denote a time or times spent living during the great ages of exploration when people spread across the surface of the world and the internal landscape of the mind, expanding and exploring on the physical and intellectual levels.

A need for adventure and outdoor pursuits may come from such lifetimes in which the soul traveled widely, perhaps on one of the many missions of discovery or evangelism, or were involved in the explosion of philosophy and education and the exchange of cultures which occur at such times. The hybrid nature of this spirit often brings a close psychic link to the animal kingdom.

Relationships with animals may be strong but their loss will be felt deeply by this sign, for it is like the magical bond between a magician and a familiar or a shaman and a totem animal. Sagittarius can not only experience closer psychic connections within the animal kingdom, it can also contact the realms of astral force the realm of pure emotions , through which many other kinds of psychic perception and the intuition can be developed, such as those which nature spirits operate within.

This sign also confers a more natural aptitude for astral wandering, prophecy, divination, clairvoyance and work with the astral Fire Element , but as always these must be guided by an awareness that is liberated of the subjective influence of the unconscious and can only be relied upon when this is the case.

Before then, the visions are subject to the imagined ideal of what they are. Throughout the long history of occult philosophy and theory Sagittarius has been attributed with many magical powers, like any sign has. In the Gra Tree of Life, Sagittarius is the path connecting the seat of the astral realm Yesod, the Moon sphere with the realm of astral force Netzach, the Venus sphere.

It is therefore inherently an astral entity and like all of the paths attributed to the Fire signs it extends from the central Pillar downward towards the Pillar of Force. The Fire signs project Light from the central Pillar which contains the seats of awareness and are the hearts of the eternal, mental, astral and material realms ever deeper into the realm from which they originate, with Sagittarius being the astral projection of Light deeper into the astral realm. Along this path the soul senses its resonance with other souls and within the astral realm generally and so senses its purpose as an astral being, its personal truth, through personal interaction.

The repulsion or attraction that the astral awareness feels with other astral entities on this path has a swiftness to it and leads to a quest for temperance and so for the integration of emotion with astral awareness. This becomes a critical part of the magical equilibrium and for attaining an astral mastery over the Fluids. Additionally, the emanation of Light from the seat of the astral plane into the Venus sphere brings about the swift enlivening or excitation of that astral awareness as it comes into contact with the infinite archetypes of astral force , so that this path confers to the magician the power to animate astral life.

This is also the source of the signs connection and empathy with animals in the animal kingdom in general. Sagittarius responds to the withdrawn darkness of the previous sign, Scorpio, with an exuberant and irrepressibly optimistic outlook on life, and by forever seeking and searching it seeks to avoid having to confront any darkness or loss through a lack of enclosures and bonds which hold it in place.

Yet as it races forward like a wild stallion it races towards Capricorn and the realization that reality matters , and so to a disillusionment in its own idealism and optimism. The big, colourful magic of youth loses its momentum and the arrow begins to descend to Earth, looking for a significant and meaningful place to land. It never loses its hope that the initial magic will return and is continuously seeking in the sea of astral archetypes for the next big something that will make it feel alive and excited, yet it often overlooks the truth that introspection will reveal all of those archetypes within it.

For a magician, the sign frequently becomes one of the quest for a clear expression of the moral truths communicated by the Greater Self , a process which involves deep inner reflection and contemplation of occult philosophy as it applies to an ever changing sea of personal circumstances.

Through Sagittarius, human beings understand how to treat other human beings as human beings and furthermore how to treat all life as an expression of the spark that brings life itself. The greatest mysteries and the most powerful magic of the sign emerge when we are in a temperate balance with the emotional realm as we embark on an endless journey in search of the meaning of personal experience.

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Who was the artist for the first picture with the Archer in front of the blue moon?

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Leave a respectful reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Partners and associates seem to be out of sorts as December kicks in, so give them a wide berth. All kinds of issues will begin to resolve after the 6th. At that time, life becomes increasingly upbeat and celebratory, especially near the full Moon of the 22nd.

Your entrepreneurial talents are highlighted in January, and so are personally satisfying developments at home. The lunar eclipse of the 21st is a tricky one, though, so wait out delays and focus on those who matter most. December Cooperation is the keyword near the 17th, and others do seem to be coming around and getting into the idea of a new undertaking. Unusually upbeat aspects on the 21st are lighting up a very personal angle of your solar chart, and you also seem to be getting out and about and connecting with those who support and admire you.

The stress that's in the air between the 3rd and the 7th of December is a signal that you need to step back. By the 16th, though, you'll be increasingly on a roll, and brilliant connections and communications on the 21st open new doors. With aggressive Mars in Aries in January, though, others may be a bit overbearing, so be ready to stand your ground. Still, agreements and alignments you enter near the 25th glitter with promise.

December Plans for lifestyle changes seem to be cohering near the 17th, and with Mars in Pisces you're likely to be involved in various chores that demand a great deal of attention. Positive and enlightening communications are highlighted on the 21st; and you seem to be starting down a more secure path as December winds down. With magnetizing Venus shooting forward in your sign this December, you'll be attracting the right kind of attention—and you'll also be tested on your ability to make discriminating choices.

Be ready to mend bridges near the 16th and clear the air. You appear to be driven and inspired in January, and it will require more tact than you're inclined to exercise to avoid unpleasant disputes. But you should still be able to beat the odds by month's end. December You'll be getting some positive responses near the 17th, and your goal should be to firm up plans and commitments. Financially, it may be difficult not to go a bit overboard between the 20th and 21st, but you're not likely to regret your impulsivity or generosity.

The full moon of the 22nd accents travel and emotional connections; and aspects on the 28th are all about strengthening those ties that bind. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. How to Get Married on Fifth Avenue. Design by Michael Stillwell. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Sagittarius: November December Left: Bruce Lee. Capricorn: December January Left : Muhammad Ali. Aquarius: January February Left : Virginia Woolf. Pisces: February March Left : Nina Simone.

Aries: March April Left : Maya Angelou. Taurus: April May Left : Audrey Hepburn. Gemini: May June Left: Josephine Baker.

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