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When the Moon tenants the different quarters of the star Ashwini, the following qualities are usually manifest: THE MOON AT 0 degrees to degrees Aries: Of unsteady mind, having sinful attachments, indulging in sensual pleasures and with a tendency to criticize others. This entry was posted in astrology and tagged Ashwini Nakshatra Meaning. Bookmark the permalink.

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Resourceful and independent, the natives of Ashwini are competent and enduring.

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The first quarter falls in Aries Navamsa which is governed by Mars. The pada is mostly ruled with courage, physical activity and the spirit of pioneering. The quarter is blessed with energy, drive and initiative. The second pada rests in the Taurus Navamsa that is governed by Venus. It is more resource driven and practical.

The reason is that it is associated with the graceful, indulgent and splendid element of the Ashvini Kumaras. The quarter is associated with seeing the material manifestation of its ideas and thoughts.

When Moon is in Ashwini…

The third pada of this asterism relates to the Gemini Navamsa that is governed by Mercury. It is associated with the light, communicative and humorous aspect of the nakshatra. The quarter lends the aspect of quick interpretation and makes the individual an expert in various kinds of mental activities. This is why it is known for its speed.


The fourth pada of the nakshatra falls on the Cancer Navamsa which is governed by the Moon. It is associated with the aspect of healing. The quarter is sensitive to the needs of people and the collective consciousness at any time. This is the source of the emotional faculty which is manifested as empathy. Horse trainers, keepers, equestrian professions, and all those dealing in equine jobs; horse racing punters and enthusiasts; healing professions including therapists, physicians, chemists, physiotherapists, surgeons, druggists and counselors; marriage counselors and childbirth specialists; those performing motivational and promotional jobs; motivational and promotional careers; transportation industry; physical arts such as dancing; athletic and sports jobs; gardeners; herbalists; educators and teachers for beginners; racing professionals especially motor sports; explorers, stuntmen, adventure sports; pioneers and researchers; concrete workers and people who lay down foundations; those employed in law enforcement sectors; generals; soldiers; mechanical engineers; jewelers like goldsmiths; shopkeepers and small business owners.

Favorable Activities. Unfavorable Activities. Marriage, conclusions, emotional and sexual activity, actions requiring patience, intoxication. Wearing bright colors is also recommended.

Ashwini Name Meaning

All important actions should correspond to the course of this constellation for best results. In the words of Varahamihira , the lunar influence gives Ashwini pleasant appearance, manners and intelligence. Ashwini loves accessorizing themselves and excel in their field.


Rock star Jim Morrison is a typical Ashwini native, if his public outbursts are ignored. Biswarup Tarafder. Behavioral Characteristics Ashwini denotes spontaneity and hence this nakshatra is marked by vitality as well as initiative. Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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