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People 's Sexiest Man Alive also a newlywed will be 47 years old this Virgo season. Sandler, who recently released the Netflix romantic comedy, Murder Mystery , with co-star Jennifer Aniston, will turn 53 in September. Last year, the soon-to-be year-old celebrated the fact that his son's cancer was in remission.

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Phillippe, who shares two kids with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon , is turning 45 years old. The former American Idol judge and New Orleans native will be 52 this year. Turning 49 in September, the Empire actress opened up to OprahMag. Hudson, who is set to appear in December's big screen adaptation of Cats, despite the frosty reception to its trailer release , turns 38 in September.

Type keyword s to search. Getty Images. Daniele Venturelli. Alexander Skarsgard. Mark Sagliocco. Blake Lively. Birthday: August 25 Lively will turn 32 years old, and is also expecting her third child later this year. John Lamparski. Blair Underwood. Birthday: August 25 The soon-to-be year-old joined the Dear White People cast for season 3, which premiered August 2. Steve Granitz. Melissa McCarthy.

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Birthday: August 26 The hilarious comedian will turn 49 this year. Gregg DeGuire. Chris Pine. Ethan Miller. Jack Black.

Birthday: August 28 The funnyman will turn the big this Virgo season. Vera Anderson. Armie Hammer. Shania Twain. Birthday: August 28 This Canadian powerhouse and Virgo celebrity will turn 54 this year. Lea Michele. Birthday: August 29 The actress and former Glee star will be 33 years old.

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Cameron Diaz. Birthday: August 30 Diaz, who will turn 47, just opened up about why she's left Hollywood for a more low-profile life. Richard Gere. Walter McBride. Gloria Estefan. Dimitrios Kambouris. Padma Lakshmi. Alberto E. Salma Hayek. Keanu Reeves. David M.

Birthday: September 4 Fresh off of the premiere of Lion King remake and the release of her accompanying album which featured daughter Blue Ivy Queen Bey will be 38 this year. Such a relationship would not stand the test of time. We strongly advise against it! December 6 zodiac people are naturally inspiring. You sow hope where none seems to exist. This stems from your deep reserves of optimism. Your greatest desire is to transform the world positively.

This you can do because you are very resourceful. However, you need to watch out whom you trust. Some of the people around you are out to sabotage your objectives. Being a freedom lover, you dislike having to operate under restrictions. Also, you avoid judging other. Obviously, you dislike being judged yourself.

Although you are a very good family person, you do enjoy traveling away from home. Your travels take you to exotic places where you gather experiences that you can use to improve your own neighborhood. Those born on December 6 are quite modest. You are not one to brag about your exploits and accomplishments. You like giving credit where it is due. All the same, you have a couple of areas that you still need to work on. These weaknesses are a blot on your personality, and you need to deal with them soonest possible.

For example, you tend to be gullible. You trust people without vetting them. Just know this: not everyone wishes you well. Also, you are often frustrated when your goals are not achieved. But, you cannot win them all.

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Do that which you can, and leave the rest to Mother Nature. All in all, you have what it takes to make a difference. Do those things that will influence good karma to come your way. You share your birthday with a number of personalities from across the globe. Here are five of them:.

You were born under the 2nd decan of Sagittarius.

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You are in the same category as those born between 3rd December and 12th December. The planet Mars governs the lives of those under this decan.

As such, you exude the more outstanding characteristics of Sagittarius. For example, you are intuitive, ambitious, mysterious, and brilliant. People respect your high level of meticulousness. You pay close attention to even the minutest of details. Also, you are good at bringing people together. Your birthday signifies affection, responsibility, tenderness, and generosity. These are the keys to your future. Hold them close to your chest! You pay very close attention to details. At the same time, you are great at bringing people together. Now, with these kinds of qualities, you can excel in many fields of your choosing.

For example, you can make a very good interior designer, entrepreneur, or an accountant. Yellow is your magic color. This is the color of logic, organization, and resilience. Just like this color, you have the ability to pay attention to details and to use logic to formulate solutions.

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Last Updated on November 23rd, December 6 Zodiac Sign People born on December 6 are driven by the need to achieve their objectives within the shortest time possible. Love and Compatibility for December 6 Zodiac Zodiac December 6 zodiac lovers exhibit high levels of energy when they are pursuing the heart of their beloved. A word of caution! Famous People who Share the December 6 Zodiac Birthday You share your birthday with a number of personalities from across the globe.

Your Career Horoscope You pay very close attention to details. Final Thought… Yellow is your magic color. Sharing is caring! Share Pin. December 1 Zodiac. December 2 Zodiac.