Mole on nipple astrology

For example Chairman Moa has a mole on his chin and through his perseverance he defeated his opponent using tact, despite having fewer men. Chairman Moa fled to the mountains during the war; his ability to flee and adapt, led to his success.

The Meanings of Moles

If it is dark in colour or shiny and smooth, it is more auspicious. If it is irregular in shape or colour is can represent a struggle for success. The neck is vital as it forms the link between the head and the body or spirit and physical. A mole on the side of the neck represents an increased chance of being lusty by nature. The stomach represents wealth, the navel is a treasure point and a mole near or in the navel is considered a treasure guardian mole.

Very strong sexual desire. A mole on the palm represents receiving money. A mole on the outside or the hand represents skillfulness. A mole that is carried on the back is like carrying something heavy on top of you- this is why they represent hard work. Legs- the thighs represent sexuality and being an extrovert. A mole on the calf represents working hard in life as your legs representative of laborous work. Breast- on the areola means very open or easy to jump into sexual relations.

The Meanings of Moles

On the breast means very friendly with people and good children. Success comes in many shapes and forms. A mole near the nipple of a woman signifies successful children but this could be in a particular field or generally. Foot- feet represent marching or travelling as a requirement for soldiers. Mine is on the left side of my face right beside my nostril part of my nose but not ON my nose. What does that mean? My mole is placed on the side of the index left finger. Past the knuckle on the side of the lighter skin, for I am a dark skin black female.

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Moles On Your Body Reveals Your Personality - Interesting Facts About Mole Astrology

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What Does A Skin Mole Say About Your Personality, According to Chinese Astrology?

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